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Becoming a DJ has been a lifetime dream of mine which began coming to life in 2019 at a Jazz Fest in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. While visiting friends there, I attended a social gathering where my friend was the DJ. This was the beginning of my exposure to the vast DJ universe. The voyage into this universe was so magnetic that it wouldn’t let me go.

For Christmas 2019, my beloved wife (Darlene) gave me a DJ starter set to begin liftoff as I ventured into a whole new world. Through God’s grace, support, mentorship and training I blossomed into the DJ I am today. Eric Duppins (Champagne Ballroom – Baltimore, MD) DJ’S Donel, Slice, Tony -T, my frat brother Phil Allen and TNT Productions provided me the opportunity to create DJ C-Rider Entertainment Services.

Over life’s journey I have accomplished a lot and still have more to come. Besides a career in education as a teacher/ administrator, retiring from the US military after 24 years of service, serving as a member of the Baltimore City Council and serving as a Deacon/Sunday School teacher, DJ C-Rider is my new venture

* I’ve recently relocated to Kissimmee, Florida where we will continue to make music great again!



Mission Statement

We only work with the best equipment available and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services. We never compromise quality for time. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the attention to detail to create an amazing listening experience at your event. Throughout the planning period, we provide honest, reliable customer service and excellent communication. From the moment you contact and meet with DJ C-Rider Entertainment, you’ll understand that you’re not dealing with just any DJ. You’ve come to the enterprise that is dedicated to providing perfection to your events and nothing else…The entertainment firm where quality matters!

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